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Revitalization of the root zone

  • Realization: 2022
  • In the town of Lovosice, we revitalized the root zone of the insufficiently thriving plane trees in the alley founded 10 years ago. Thanks to the application of airspade and airinjector methods, more suitable growth conditions for trees will be ensured.
  • On Wenceslas Square, we improved the growth conditions of the memorable oak tree by aerating its root zone.
  • More detailed information on the problem and the methods used can be found in the attached summary report.
  • Summary report (Markéta Svobodová)

Horse chestnuts in Tábor

  • In the spring 2021 we strengthened the reduced vitality of 170-year-old horse chestnut trees - the vegetation dominants of Žižkov Square in Tábor.
  • First, the stabilization of the secondary crowns and the installation of the tree cablings took place.
  • Then we revitalised the root space by removing of impermeable paving, aerating the compacted root space, adding active humus, hydrogel and, mycorrhizal fungi (air injection). The urine-contaminated substrate was blown off by air spade and replaced with a structural substrate.
  • The new permeable surface based on lava tree substrate in the root zone was used and the water-retaining swale in the paving was installed.
  • An expert article on revitalisation of  horse chesnut trees

Air Injector

  • Air injection is an effective method of aerating the compacted root space of trees by high-pressure injection. Its use is especially suitable in urban environments, where trampling or travel over the root zone of trees causes compaction of the soil. Absence of the air in compacted soil blocks the absorption of water. It is one of the significant factors that reduce the lifespan of trees.
  • During the treatment with Air Injector, the air is injected into the root zone of the tree together with symbiotic fungi helping to absorb water through the capillary roots, a hydrogel to retain moisture and active nutrients to improve soil fertility. This relatively simple treatment can significantly improve vitality and perspective of even very old trees.

Structural soil cells TreeParker

  • TreeParker system, the latest generation of underground structural soil cell systems for trees  is an important technological innovation to improve site conditions of trees in urban environments (TreeBuildersArboristická obchodní s.r.o. – exclusive representative for the Czech Republic).
  • The use of this system requires higher costs, but its installation under paved surfaces near trees guarantees enough space for root growth and prevents the soil compaction. It allows e.g., parking in the close proximity of trees. In the case of street trees, it is ideal to connect them along the entire length of the street with uninterrupted strips of cells and to integrate technical infrastructure networks (cables and pipelines).
  • Pilot project in Budečská Street, Prague (City of Prague Web Site)

Professional tree cutting

  • After an expert assessment of the tree, our qualified and experienced arborists provide maintenance, stabilisation and shaping cuts on mature trees.
  • When treating a tree, we strive to preserve the natural appearance of the crown, to respect its physiological vitality and to increase its biomechanical stability.
  • We offer the possibility of treating trees by climbing techniques or from a mobile platform.

Care for senescent trees

We are convinced that senescent and veteran trees should be preserved on the site as long as possible. The care of senescent trees consists primarily in ensuring safety and minimising the probability of mechanical failure of the tree or its branches. A safety cut, a local reduction due to stabilisation or a slight circumferential reduction are made. We provide the installation of elements improving the stability of the tree: dynamic or static cabling and bracing, branch supports.


Air-Spade technology is a method using high air pressure to break up compacted soil and blow it away without damaging tree roots. It is used to improve tree sites by aerating the topsoil. The blown soil is replaced by a more appropriate substrate, e.g., by a structural substrate with a higher proportion of gravel on places with intensive trampling.

Cabling and bracing

Cabling and bracing of the crown ensures operational safety for trees where we would otherwise have to make a radical cut, or even fell the tree. The correct type of cabling is chosen after a professional assessment of the tree. We apply dynamic and static cabling and bracing, and we provide their subsequent inspection or replacement.

Tree tomography

When caring for valuable, veteran and senescent trees, we offer instrumental diagnostics of the condition of the tree with a sonic tomograph. Thanks to this non-invasive method, we can detect decay and cavities in trees.

Tree felling and stump removal

  • We provide felling of mature trees using a platform and for risky situations we use climbing techniques. We also remove stumps of all sizes up to a depth of 500 mm.