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Planting Mature Trees

Our suppliers

  • We use planting material – mature trees and shrubs, that come from renowned German tree nurseries and correspond to ČSN 46 4902 (Ornamental Nursery stocks general regulations and quality standards). Thanks to the long-term cooperation with nurseries, we guarantee high quality of the material, wholesale prices and the possibility of personal selection of trees in the nursery.
  • Tree Nursery Lorberg


  • We are successful in planting mature trees thanks to the high-quality nursery material, safe transport and handling, thorough preparation of the planting pit and the substrate and professional anchoring.


  • We can plant trees over ten metres high with one hundred centimetres trunk circumference in one metre height of the tree. Such trees have been thoroughly prepared for transplanting in a nursery, where they have been up to ten times transplanted. This process minimises the stress connected with the final transplantation to the destination site.