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Public Space

Horse chestnuts in Tábor

  • In the spring 2021 we strengthened the reduced vitality of 170-year-old horse chestnut trees - the vegetation dominants of Žižkov Square in Tábor.
  • First, the stabilization of the secondary crowns and the installation of the tree cablings took place.
  • Then we revitalised the root space by removing of impermeable paving, aerating the compacted root space, adding active humus, hydrogel and, mycorrhizal fungi (air injection). The urine-contaminated substrate was blown off by air spade and replaced with a structural substrate.
  • The new permeable surface based on lava tree substrate in the root zone was used and the water-retaining swale in the paving was installed.

Stromovka parterre

  • Designers: Ing. Pavlína Malíková,  Ing. Aleš Steiner, Cooperation doc. Ing. Taťána Kuťková, CSc.
  • Area: 1 500 m2
  • Built: 2020

Landscape festival Žižkov 2020, Prague

  • The path of patience is about humility and patience for what is happening around us... about slow succession. People run through time and on the way between office and home they meet the path of patience. It is different every day and no one knows how it will look like in one or ten years. We can patiently observe plants and animals in an untouched place. The succession can be beautiful if we accept it.
  • We show various soil surfaces. Over a peeled-off strip of the existing vegetation, we sprinkle various materials commonly found around us: topsoil from several deposits, hay, manure, sand, wood chips, stones, clay, loose soil, rolled soil… We leave these surfaces untouched. Certainly, something will grow on them in time. If we are patient.

Alley in Dolní Břežany

  • Alley planting – community event of Dolní Břežany citizens
  • Designer: Zahradní Architektura Kurz

Klamovka Park, Prague 5

  • Designers:
  • Living in green s.r.o. -  Klamovka park revitalisation
  • David Hora, DiS. - Strengthening the retention capabilities of the park
  • Area: 53 000 m2
  • Built: 2019

Granátová Park in Slivenec

  • Designer: Ing. Jana Kohlová
  • Area: 4 500 m2
  • Built: 2019

The Most Beautiful Garden of the Year 2016

  • Designers: Atelier Land05, Ing. Jana Pyšková, Aleš Kurz
  • The Most Beautiful Garden competition, that took place within Expo Zahrada Čech, was focused on the promotion and development of garden and landscape architecture.
  • Our demonstration rain garden won 1st place in the Most Beautiful Garden 2016 competition and the Expert Jury Award.

Cemetery Dolní Břežany

Offices Vinohradská

  • Designers: Ing. Zdeněk Sendler, Ing. Lydia Šušlíková
  • Area: 646 m2
  • Built: 2012
  • Green Roof of the Year 2015 Award, 2nd place,
  • Park of the Year 2013 - Václav Weinfurter Award
  • Magazine article (INSPIRACE)

Magistrála – New Prague Boulevard

  • We participated at Prague's cultural initiative for a new interpretation of Pražská Magistrála by securing mature trees.
  • Built: 2013


  • Our exposition within the Expo ESOTERIKA, BIOSTYL, ECOWORLD 2009

Hořejší Waterfront

  • Designer: Ing. Aleš Steiner, Atelier a05
  • Area: 200 m2
  • Built: 2008

Central park, Prague 13

  • Designer: Ing. Pavel Šimek,
  • Atelier Florart
  • Area: 50,000 m2
  • Built: 1990

Centrum Anděl at Smíchov

  • Centrum Anděl at Smíchov, Prague
  • Designers: D3A, Ing. Pavel Šimek – Florart
  • Area: 2,700 m2
  • Built: 2002
  • Horticultural work of art Award 2003, 3rd place

Garden under Vyšehrad, Prague

  • Designer: Ing. Drahomíra Kolmanová
  • Area: 1,000 m2
  • Built: 2000
  • Garden of the Year 2001 Award, 1st place