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Special Technologies

Planting mature trees

Mature trees have been planted for many centuries. Today we can plant trees over ten metres high with one hundred centimetres trunk circumference measured in one metre height of the tree. Such trees have been thoroughly prepared for transplanting in a nursery, where they have been up to ten times transplanted to minimise the stress connected with the final transplantation to the destination site.

Green Roofs

Green roofs - roofs of buildings partially or completely covered with vegetation are increasingly used especially in the urban environment as an aesthetic and ecological improvement of living space. They make a significant contribution to good water management.

Wildflower meadows

Wildflower meadows represent species-diverse stands of grasses and dicotyledonous herbs. Besides an aesthetic value, they are valuable for supporting biodiversity of plant and animal species. Compared to a classic lawn, they are mowed only two to three times a year.

Extensive herbaceous plantings

Extensive herbaceous plantings, sometimes called gravel beds represent low-maintenance flower beds based on the principle of autoregulation.

Gravel hardened lawn

A Gravel hardened lawn is a lawn grown on a 20 to 30 cm thick layer of gravel, filled with soil. It is drive resistant with high a load tolerance and has a higher water infiltration capacity. It can be used for e.g., for driveways or pathways.